View Rick's work chronologically from the newest here at the top, to some of his past shows in the 80's, and 90's at the bottom.
2011 Search Engine City - Hamilton Version

Installation drawing in the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Done over three weeks last May, Search Engine City was up from May 11th untill September 11th, 2011. See the progression of this work in the next album.
2011 Search Engine City - Process

See the evolution from a blank wall to the final installation.
2011 Oasis of the Seas - Large, Medium, and Study
2011 Red Skyway 2.0
2009 Search Engine City

2000's Future Cities, and BigMacistan

City of Industry was shown at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, BigMacistan at the Art Gallery of Cambridge and Confederation Art Gallery in P.E.I., and High Winds on the Skyway, Angelo Mosca Remix was shown at the Burlington Cultural Center.
90's Camcorders, Barbecues, and Rollerblades

Exhibitions across Canada include Gallery 111 in Winnipeg, AKA Gallery in Saskatoon, and the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa.
80's Missiles, Choppers, Battle Cruisers, and Snowblowers

Exhibitions include a solo show at Toronto's YYZ Gallery, at the Art Gallery at Harbourfront with 'Contents Under Pressure,' at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and at Art Gallery of Windsor.
Media Catalogues and Reviews

The cover for 'The Works' Magazine, a book from Rick's camcorder show, and a two person exhibit with Kim Adams.